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This is just  written version of 
how to write an amazing CV that gets you job interviews
CVs and Resumes look easy to make
but the results you get are usually pretty poor
The time has come for you to make a CV
It may take you a couple of hours
you don't see it as hard work...but does it get you results?

The issue is, what you have been taught about CVs is wrong
If what you knew is right, you would have a stack of interviews.
Let me uncover and correct these major flaws (for free)
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1. The recruiter will have around 200 CVs on their desk
     or in their inbox to sift through, how are you going to get noticed?

2. Your CV an covering letter looks like every other,
    so you are in a sea of camouflage, you have got to stand out.

3. The recruiter is soon going to get bored of looking at CVs an covering letters.
     you must remember that and use it to your advantage

4. The recruiter will only be looking at setting up 3 or 4 job interviews
    so you have to be super competitive

Don't take any chances with your CV and covering letter
So in short, your chances are slim and you already know it.

Therefore the question remains,
how do you write an amazing CV that gets you job interviews?
The first thing you need to do is
forget what you have been told about how to write a CV.

Your school or college knows nothing,
they just show you a template that everyone uses,
and the guides on Youtube are seemingly clever
but they still have the same problem…

...Recruiters and managers look past the CVs and covering letters
because they don’t stand out and they don’t emotionally appeal to the reader.

I want to start by getting to the heart of the matter.
You need to be seen.
And once you have been noticed you have to appeal to the reader.

You need to think about the person reading your CV and covering letter
Forget the job for the moment.
Every CV and covering letter guru will tell you
to understand the company and the job,
then to write about that –  They are wrong!

Your first rule is to remember the reader, this person is the manager,
let’s thinking about what they are going through right now.

Are they busy and afford the time to read through all 200 applications?
Do they have other important work to do?
Would they love to see someone who at the very least
understands the pressures of the job they are trying to recruit for?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding “yes”
We have to remember he person human!
And they have things to do in their job.

Time is tight and if they can see someone who recognises those points,
They are more likely to give that person a job interview

And this is where you will capitalise.
In the video, and you do need to watch it
because you get to see a CV covering letter I wrote.

I go through every single aspect,
and very quickly you will see exactly why your current CV and covering letter
are not getting you the job interviews you need.

Some quite well known people talking about
“action words” and “accomplished words” 
the thing is, they have very little effect.

You need to appeal to the emotional state of the manager,
the logical state puts you in a queue and it’s only by luck you get a job interview.

Check this summary for the best CV and Covering Letter
So this is a very quick run down of what you need to do
to write the best CV and covering letter
to help you get the job interview you need.

1. What is the primary role of that job?
If the manager said
“I really want to you to be at this high level of standard”
what would that be? Then you need to use that in your headline.

2. What else does the manager want from their employee?
Put that as a secondary headline and use words to show
how you understand their need
and how you will make their life easier.

3. Use a photo of yourself because people connect to faces.
Smile! Have some fun in that photo but keep it professional.

4. Do not include rubbish like a personal profile,
and even keep your work history and education to the very minimum.
Just put the most import and relevant aspect.

5. No need to write about your duties in the work history element
because you have already shown understanding in the headlines you have used.

6. In your opening paragraph talk to the reader,
show a further understanding of the job,
perhaps provide an example of something you have done
to demonstrate that understanding.

7. Don’t be afraid to be different, it will set you apart from the others

8. Ask the person to contact you, this is CRUCIAL!!!

9. Make it totally clear you will not be on the job market for long
and must contact you now to book you in for an interview

10. After your signature include a PS statement,
give them one last and very important reason to phone you.

But please do watch the video, these points I have made are crucial but when you see the video you can see everything come together.
Do you want to see how to get the job before it's even advertised? And the best questions to make the interviewer think you are amazing
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